FTS Is a digital store where you can download and sell free and paid templates for your project which will make your production easier and faster.You just have to drag and drop your elements into the container folder, and that’s it your professional output is ready.We also allow creators to open their own personalized shop and submit and sale their templates on commission basis.Our goal is to make your production easy and faster without affecting your pocket.We want to help individual creators/freelancers to grow their business.We also have a section where users can check out freelance work/job, we allow employers to post job openings and freelance work.

Why choose Free Template Shop?

The commission rates on our website are nominal. None of your data is stored on our website. From Your Preview videos to your downloadable file, everything is stored on your personal data base only. Selling on our website has a lot of advantages. For eg:- A Vendor who uploaded his template,the rar file is stored on his personal google drive or cloud storage. The preview video is from his personal Youtube Channel or Any other Video platform this will allow the users/client to discover your business and subscribe to your business. We also have a gig option for instance if a vendor uploads a template and the user doesn’t have editing skills so you can upload extra gigs and they user can easily purchase extra gigs from your side.

How can I submit template?

You can submit the templates by clicking on submit button on home page and sharing a google drive link of your template.

Advantage of submitting Free templates?
The advantages of Submitting Free Templates are users can contact you through private messages. You can share a link of your youtube video  and your business website or links and we shall promote them. This way you can gain freelance work.

Someone Re-uploaded My Template?
If someone has re-uploaded your template or product, you can contact us and we will take immediate action and remove the template from our website.

What are the rules of uploading Templates/ Digital Product?
The rules like any other website are simple
– The Template Should be original and you should carry its full rights.
– The Template should have a tutorial video inside the file or on your YouTube channel.
– The license and all info should be mentioned in the notepad
– Should Contain Your watermark and Free Template Shop Logo.
Which you can find out on our website.
– Only quality templates will be approved
– Should be in a zip file ( use winrar or 7zip)
– The stock images or videos should not be present in the zip file.
You can use Copyright free images and videos only for demo purposes which you will upload on your preview video but you cannot add those stock images or videos in the zip folder unless you own it.

Do we provide storage space for vendors?

No, we don’t! You can only upload images on our websites we do not store your data on our website. Your download files will be stored on Your Personal Database. And you are going to be the sole owner of your data. You can store your data on any of cloud services. For eg:- (google drive or any other cloud storage) but make sure none of them have redirects. 

Is it safe to sell on your website?

Yes it is 100% safe to sell on our website. We do not store any of your data on our website. For eg we use google drive to store our data. You can use your personalized cloud storage to store your data.
It will be automatically downloaded on their browser. To mask your link, you can use our direct link generator 

License  ?
The vendors can offer 3 types of license.
– Standard:- Can be used only by single user
– Extended:- Can be used by a single user and his client
– Unlimited – Can be used by a single user and unlimited clients

What all templates are allowed?

You can literally sell anything which is related to video and graphic production we even allow music and sound effects. There is no limitation. Every digital product which is uploaded goes through an approval process.

Strict violation policy

We have a very strict zero tolerance violation policy.
If a vendor is found violating any of our policy he will be banned directly. So make sure you’re uploading genuine content.

Contact us?
You can contact us via contact form or directly email us on support@freetemplateshop.com to report your bugs or inquiry.