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Are you afraid of submitting your templates? has anyone re-uploaded your templates on free templates shop or any other websites?

Well the good news is you don’t have to worry we have a team of moderators who are 24/7 available to deal with copyright related issue. We have tried to answer the most common questions on copyright so please read the following carefully.

What if our submitted template gets re-uploaded somewhere else?

Well if someone re-uploads your template on other website you can directly file a DMCA compliant and the re-uploaded templates will be taken down immediately. If you have issues filing a DMCA notice you can contact us on our support and we will immediately take action against it.

What if someone re-uploaded your templates on our website?

As you know piracy is a big concern our team is also working hard to fight it. The templates which are made by the designers from free template store are 100% original work with right. However, if the templates are submitted by any users it goes through a manual human process mentioned below.

Our team checks: –

  • Whether the templates submitted is an original work

  • Our team removes all the copyrighted videos and images used in the templates. 99% of our templates will only contain place-holders unless the images are needed for the templates to work.

  • The user who is submitting a template will also have to give their personal contact details to us in case of any copyright issues and has to agree to the terms of services.

Once all the process is completed and if the templates is high quality original work we will approve the template otherwise the templates are rejected by our team. In case if you feel the templates submitted by the user is copyrighted or your work, you can immediately contact us with valid proof and we will take down the template and ban the user permanently.

We have zero tolerance policy for piracy on free template store.

Each template will have description contact details of the owner so you can also contact him directly in case of any copyright issues.

I hope this article helps you to deal with the copyright related problems.

In-case of any copyright issue feel free to contact our copyright support


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