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How To Submit Templates

How to Submit templates on and its advantages

Are you a video creator? Do you love editing videos and photos? Or making graphical content?

Well then free templates store is an awesome place to submit and showcase your talent. The advantage of submitting your template on is you can earn money through it but to earn money you will have to make a professional template which should not be copyrighted or stolen from somewhere else. It should be an original work made by and should fit the our criteria. If you’re goal is not to earn money through selling template you can submit it for free to help fellow creators but even this will have some advantages like we will be adding your name in the description and give you full credits not only credits you can even post your contact details so if any client loves you work he will directly contact you on your contact details. In addition to that we will even add your social media links in the description box so people can appreciate your work. If you have a paypal account you can even send it to us as we will keep an option to the viewers to donate so by chance if any clients liked your work they can donate directly to your account.

How to submit a template?

Well to submit a template you will have to click on submit template button

Once you click on submit template button you will be taken to a form where you will have to fill in some details like name, contact email and your project file link and add a message and click on submit

Once you click on submit we will verify you details and if it fits our criteria we will upload it on our website.

What are the Criteria to submit a template?

We have to follow some guidelines to upload your templates on our website to avoid copyright issue. Here are some of the criteria’s :-

  • The template should not be copyrighted

  • The template should be 100% made by you

  • The template should be of highest quality.

  • The template should be user friendly

  • The template should be bug free

  • You should provide a read me file with it

The read me file will contain basic steps on how to use the template with screen shots or video

  • The template which you will submit should not contain images from third party websites as it can be cause copyright issue so please try to avoid adding pictures or videos.

  • While submitting template please mention the software,category,Dimensions,tags etc

If your templates fits in this criteria a moderator will approve and upload it on our server.

How to Earn money with selling templates on free template store

Yes you can earn money by selling templates however not all templates will be approved only the best one will be approved and featured on our paid category page. However even if you’re submitting a free template you can still earn via paypal donation as we will mention your paypal account in the description so people who would like to support you can easily donate via paypal. However if your template gets selected on the paid category page you will earn per download. The rates will be decided by you and our team when your template gets selected.

If you have any doubt or question regarding this feel free to contact us on

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