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Are you finding it hard to edit our templates? Do you have zero editing knowledge?
Or you don’t have time or softwares to edit our templates?
Well the good news is our website has a feature where you can send us a request to edit any templates for you. Our team will edit the templates and send it to you within 24 hours. We have a great team of editing experts with more then 7 -15 years of editing experience. To get help from us you will have to shoot us an email on with a subject line “ EDIT TEMPLATE FOR US” make sure to add your template link which you want to edit and your project files. Our team will take a look at it and get back to you within sometime. However the this feature is not available for free you will have to pay a nominal fee to our editors. The charges will be dependent on the templates and requirement but it will be pocket friendly as our main goal is to help our clients come up with unique videos for their business. Our team will edit the template for you within 24 hours and send it to you with the project files. The current payment method we accept is through paypal,google pay and bank transfer. We will edit the templates as per your needs. We also have an offer for unlimited changes.
Custom templates & Custom work?
We Also build custom templates for your work.The custom templates we build are 100% unique and original.The client is the sole owner of the template and he can do whatever he wants with that templates.To build a custom template for you please contact us on our support.
How this process works?
The client will send us their requirement our team will suggest some templates to them our the client can choose one of the templates from our website. You can even request a custom editing video and template we will be more then happy to help you out.
Once the templates is selected our team will start working on it. Once our team finishes the editing work we will send you a rough 720 p hd video with our watermark. You can check if the video fits your requirement or if you need any changes. If there are any changes we will fix it and send it back to you. . Yes we also send the project files as sometimes our client may require changes in the future so for backup we also send our project files. The project which you give us will be 100 percent confidential so do not worry about it . We free template shop are liable if something goes wrong.
What all editing requirements we accept?
We accept all types of editing work from graphic work to editing movies and vfx work,we have a team of highly experienced editors who have worked for known production house so feel free to send any types of project you want our team will be more than happy to assist you.
Payment method?
The client has to pay via paypal,google pay or bank transfer.Once the payment flashes in our account we will start working on your project and submit your work before the deadlines.
Rate Card?
To Edit the templates which you see on our website we have a fix rate of 10 usd (taxes included) if you want us to build a custom template or custom work for you the charges are different depending on the work you want.Please contact us on our support for further discussion.
Shoot us an email on :-

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