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How To Download Files From Free Template Shop


How to download and use files from

Hi, today in this blog ill teach you how to download and use files from The files and templates on our website are almost free 90 percent of our templates are free and remaining 10% has a very nominal charge so today ill show you how to download and use our files from our website. The templates on our website are either uploaded on our servers or google drive both are safe and you won’t be getting any spam ads links or anything which will redirect you to somewhere else.It will be a one click download. To download and use our files you will be needing a software called winrar or 7zip to extract files as all the files on our websites are uploaded in rar or zip format. So you will be needing this softwares to unzip it.

How to download project file?

There are two types of files downloads available on our website,The free one which most of you all will use and the paid one. To download the free you just have to click on the download button and it will take you to a page where you can download the file. However to download the free one you will have to wait for 10-15 seconds for the link to appear. Once the link appears you just have to click on download and that’s it you file will start downloading automatically. If you’re in hurry and if you don’t want to wait for the time you can either opt for our membership plan. The advantage of membership plan is you will get unlimited downloads without any timer to download also you will get access to all the paid templates as well and license to use it for corporate or broadcast. The free templates however are only use full for individual creators for eg Youtubers,freelancers etc. All the paid templates on our website won’t have any timer to downloads you can pay for the template and boom within one click you can download the file easily.

How to use the file?


Once you have downloaded all extracting software you can right click on the downloaded file and click on extract here. After you extracted the file a new folder will open with all the necessary files . You can then open the folder and make sure to read the read me file which will be present in the folder.

The read me file will contain all the tutorial links on how to use the file,fonts,details terms of use so make sure you always read it before you start editing. The images and music we use in our videos are not included inside the our file. You will have to use your own files.

Downloading time

The downloading time for each template on our website will be different the larger the file the downloading time will increase accordingly. Its completely depends on your internet speed we do not control the downloading speed.

I hope this blog helps you if you have any doubt feel free to to contact us on

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